Definitions for the purposes of this consultation

Advocacy is the practice of an individual acting independently of the service provider, on behalf of, and in the interests of a service user, who may feel unable to represent themselves. (National Standards for Safer Better Healthcare, 2012).


Clinical judgment means a decision made or opinion formed in connection with diagnosis, care or treatment of a patient.

Complaint means a complaint made under this Part 9 of the Health Act 2004 about any action of the HSE or a service provider that –

   (a) It is claimed, does not accord with fair or sound administrative practice, and

   (b) Adversely affects the person by whom or on whose behalf the complaint is made

Healthcare Complaints Advocacy / Support Service - For the purpose of completing this consultation, Complaints Advocacy / Support Service can be defined as a service to help and empower the complainant in the healthcare complaint process. This may range from offering of information or advice in relation to preparing documentation for a complaint, to attending meetings with the complainant, to enabling them to articulate their needs, and/or involve support after complaint was made.

Patient includes the term service user.